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Louis Ohland 
Personal System /55  


 Multistation 5550
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PS/55 At a glance
PS/55 Diagram

History of  PS/55 
xxx0 or xxx1  model number

Clock Up

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Japanese Tips
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 5550  386
 5550  486
 5538  PS/55E

 PC Series
 6860  PC720 
 6886  PC750 


Processor Complex
PS/55 Complex ID Matrix


SVGA with Cirrus video chip

5576 keyboard  

Model M and others
  mainly written in Japanese 



GETA , Interposer
 For 486 System
 For 386  System
 For Pentium Class 



 PS/55 is a name for Microchannel computers once sold by IBM Japan. Some models were analogous to PS/2 and the others were designed by IBM Japan and sold mainly inside Japan. 
Main purpose of this site is introducing Japanese unique MCA computers and adapters to Non Japanese MCA freaks.  Japanese readers who want to know about PS/55s,  I recommend you to visit FIBMJ Message Bulletin Board  #4,  PS/55 & PS/2, held by @Nifty.  The bulletin board #4 is seemed to be inactive now, but you  can get  log files in LZH format.     As far as I can see,  the Big Blue Japan does not provide any  information about their great products. 

 All information stored in following pages are mostly based on my experiences and information from various  members of @Nifty MCA Forum.  Please keep in mind that I'm not an engineer nor a programmer, hence  there would be some,  or many, misunderstandings about MCA and computers.. 
I'm not responsible for any damage or any inconvenience brought through the information written in my pages.

Image of this site has been stolen from the web site created by Louis Ohland,  an incredible MCA man. 
For detailed  information about PS/2, check his web site which is now mirrored by many MADs.  If you  need basic and general information about MCA,  check Peter Wendt's Web site.  If you need more information or reference images for any specific PS/55 models, please feel free to email  me  ( unspam adjustment needed ). 

Great thanks to All members of the Bulletin Board #4 in FIBMJ @Nifty.

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